Rosalia's Bottle Shop

Classics with a Jenever Twist

  • House Old Fashioned
    Wynand Fockink Rogge Jenever, Vordings Genever, Angostura Cacao Bitters
    Tasting Notes: Malted, clay-aged, cacao
  • Johannes R. Negroni (Barrel Aged Negroni)
    Barrel Aged Campari & Cocchi Torino Vermouth, Van Wees Taainagel Jenever
    Tasting Notes: Bitter, dry, refreshing
  • Optional Glassware
    2 Rocks Glasses

Please make sure to choose your preferred bottle size and glassware when placing your order. The glassware listed is our suggested style of glass for the type of cocktail you have ordered.

Please note:
Our 125ml bottles are recommended as a single serve.
Our 250ml bottles are recommended as a double serve.
Our largest 500ml bottles are created with 4 individual servings in mind, perfect for sharing.

Bottled cocktails can be purchased individually here.

Giftbox Size

Small (2 x 125ml Bottles), Medium (2 x 250ml Bottles), Large (2 x 500ml Bottles)


With glassware (2 Rocks Glasses), Without glassware

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